Losing a loved one is incredibly painful. Let the staff at the PruittCares Foundation help you cope with your loss. Our support programs can help you deal with feelings of fear, loneliness, despair and helplessness. With this support you can move past the grief and toward acceptance so you may live a happy life again.

Peer Counselors are always available and support groups are now being formed. For more information about the Grief & Bereavement services in your area, e-mail, call (800) 956-5354.

Tips on Grieving

  • Talk to a caring pastor, counselor or friend who's experienced similar loss.
  • Join a bereavement support group.
  • Read books on grief.
  • Write letters to the person you have lost to express your feelings or as a way of saying good-bye.
  • Keep a journal as a record of your own journey of grief.
  • Create a memorial for the person who died: plant a tree, memory book or photo album. Children often like to collect items for a memento box.
  • Commemorate the person you lost on special days, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Light a candle, play a song in memory of loved one.
  • Do something special for yourself.

Grief & Bereavement Links

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Centering Corporation (grief resources and information)

GriefNet (e-mail support groups)

Willowgreen (information & inspiration)


Grief Support Groups

All groups are open to the public.

For more information, please call the PruittCares Foundation at (800) 956-5354 or (678) 533-6462.


Grief Support Groups Locations

North Carolina
South Carolina

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