Family Outreach is a program administered by the non-profit PruittCares Foundation. The mission of Family Outreach is simple:

To provide financial and spiritual support for caregivers who have experienced a natural disaster or devastating hardship.

A natural disaster would include a tornado, flood or fire while a devastating hardship might include an illness or the death of a household member.

Our goal is to help get that caregiver back on their feet physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as quickly as possible.

Your donation to Family Outreach is tax deductible. A committee of caregivers will review all applications for assistance and make determinations as to the level of assistance to be awarded.

We know it’s difficult to be a caring caregiver when tragedy strikes at home, particularly if that hardship threatens one’s ability to provide shelter. For this reason,  “Family Outreach” is ready to assist.

How to Request Assistance

Download the application for Employee Assistance (for PruittHealth partners). Family Outreach Assistance Guidelines employee

Download the application for Assistance (for non-employees). Family Outreach Assistance Guidelines non-employee

You may contact us with any questions at 1.800.956.5354 or 678.533.6462 or e-mail us at

How Your Donations Help Others

“The gift from the PruittCares Foundation and Family Outreach was a real blessing when my family needed it. It bridged the gap over Christmas while we worked on filing our insurance claim and helped us to replace some of those things that inevitably aren’t covered by insurance. That check really gave us peace of mind and allowed us to enjoy the holidays.” ~ Sheena B.

“A wound care nurse at one of our Pruitt nursing homes had an ongoing illness. She had become very close with the PruittHealth Hospice staff that served the patients in the facility. She became very ill and was hospitalized for months and the hospice team would visit her. She confided in them that she and her family were having serious financial difficulties. She was most worried about her two young daughters and not being able to have Christmas for them. The hospice team asked the PruittCares Foundation to help. The Foundation gave $300 toward purchasing grocery gift cards in the hopes it would encourage our team to match the donation. The PruittHealth Hospice team ended up raising $750 in addition to that in cash and gifts for the children. When a team member delivered it to her – she started crying. She said she was overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers – she had actually considered giving up and refusing treatment to keep from being a burden to her family any longer. However, this was a sign for her to keep fighting and that God was not done with her. Thanks to the PruittCares Foundation, our team was inspired to do all that we could for this family and this nurse ended up having a wonderful Christmas at home with her girls. Thanks to the PruittCares Foundation for helping to make this possible.” Angie Tolbert, Administrator ~ PruittHealth Hospice – Augusta

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