Losing a loved one is incredibly painful. Let the staff at the PruittCares Foundation help you cope with your loss. Our support programs can help you deal with feelings of fear, loneliness, despair and helplessness. With this support you can move through the grief and toward a meaningul life again.

For more information about the Grief & Bereavement services in your area, e-mail  call (800) 956-5354.

Tips on Grieving 

Some suggestions which may help you care for your grief include:

  • Accept the fact that no amount of wishful thinking can bring back your loved one.
  • Express as much grief as you feel.
  • Assume that you have to help yourself instead of letting time solve all.
  • Remember that others have experienced grief and sorrow.
  • Form new relationships and develop new interests.
  • Talk about your loss to others.
  • Give emotional support to other members of your family.
  • Recognize that complete adjustment is never achieved, but pain lessens with time.
  • Expect your recovery to follow a pattern of “two steps forward and one step backward.”
  • Try to build a new life instead of trying to keep things the same.
  • Accept the emotional support of others.
  • Have meaningful religious faith practices.
  • Have close ties with family, relatives, and friends.
  • Accept your sorrow instead of trying to escape from it.

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